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  • I am the mother of four children
    and the wife of one man. Three children are in college and the fourth is heading there in August. I am definitely a College Mama!


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I'm the mother of four children and the wife of one man. Three children are in college and the fourth will be going in August. I'm am definitely a College Mama!


Welcome to the College Mama blog! I am a middle-aged mother to four wonderful children. Child number one is a physics major at Penn State University. Child number two is a chemical engineering major at Clemson University. Child number three is finishing his senior year in high school while taking classes at Mansfield University. Child number four is also a high school senior. She will begin college in August at a yet to be determined university. A lot of people have asked me, "Didn't you think about the fact that all of your children would be in college at the same time when you began your family?" The answer to that is, "Kind of". It just seemed like it would be an eternity before our children grew up and left home. Of course we thought we had plenty of time to save plenty of money for the plenty of children we had. Guess what? Time went fast. Money went even faster. We saved some but have you looked at tuition lately? It's SCARY. We're managing. We're not living on the street yet which is a good thing. I've had a different blog for the past four years. I've found that I've had very little to write about there because my life is so much different than it was four years ago. It was time for a change. Time for "College Mama" to do some writing. I've learned a lot over the past few years and maybe some of that information just might be helpful to someone else who is getting ready to send their kids to college. Even if it's not, writing about this experience will be good for me. I'm finding out as the kids leave home one by one that it's good to take care of myself because once they're all gone, I'll still be here.